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Anson Brandon

Control the controllable, and do not be controlled by things beyond control.


My Story

How easy it is to say that I found photography, when in fact I didn’t find it at all, photography found me. But now neither one of us are able to let each other go. When you wake up enjoying what you do each and every day, and your work never feels like work, that’s when you know that you’re doing exactly what you were designed to do. This is what photography is to me.

My photography gives me the ability to celebrate with some of the best people. To take part in and capture their most precious moments that will never be able to be relived again.

This is one of the most personable professions that one will ever have the opportunity to serve in. I am privileged to share in the joy of birth, the documentation of life and its milestones, the union of holy matrimony between a man and a woman, and the ability to see the next generation grow, as I will most likely have documented more than two-thirds of their life capturing them from their first tiny steps, all the way to the moment that their Father responds “Her Mother and I” when asked “Who gives this woman to this man to be married?”

It is with these values of family, the esteemed virtue of the institution of marriage, and reverence for Christ that I provide my photography services to you.

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Locations: Columbus, GA | Atlanta, GA

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